Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan, father and sonHong Kong artist Jaycee Chan suffered a minor head concussion in an accident when filming his latest movie, “PK.COM.CN” (what a weird name) in Dalian, China.

It’s said that Jaycee suffered loss of consciousness for a minute and had to be admitted to hospital. He was diagnosed with minor back injuries after being X-ray, and he was back to work the next day.

Despite doing pretty well with his entertainment career, Jaycee is still very much being refer as famous action star, Jackie Chan’s son.

Jackie Chan was aware with the accident, but he said that it was the price for making fame in the entertainment world.. as long as Jaycee can stand up and walkaway after the injuries, Jackie Chan sees that as a good ‘training’ for his son.

Well who can say it better than Jackie? Jackie Chan himself is famous for his stunts and injuries from filming, and he’s now a worldwide superstar.. he paid the price and he got the rewards.

Btw, Jackie Chan is currently filming his latest movie in Hong Kong.

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