Mick Jagger teach President Bush a hotel lesson

US president George Bush was humiliated by Mick Jagger, the leading singer of rock band Rolling Stone, over a luxurious hotel suite in Vienna.

Mick Jagger vs George Bush

It happens when Mr George W. Bush’s aides called Vienna’s Imperial Hotel to book the Royal Suite for a June summit.. only to find out that the Royal Suite was booked, as well as all other rooms at the first floor, by Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stone co.

White House officials seemed to think that the Rolling Stones will give way to their president, but obviously Mick Jagger is not impressed with the issue at all and refused to move for Bush.

Well it’s predictable, Mike Jagger is a harsh critic of Bush administration, and he show it publicly by putting his objections to the Iraqi war in the Stone’s latest album, “A Bigger Bang.”

The Rolling Stone are splashing out 3,600 a night for the Royal Suite in the 5 star hotel that was previously stayed by former presidents Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy and George Bush Senior.

Bush and his colleagues just have to find another place perhaps, it’s not easy to move the Stones obviously.