X-Files star actress Gillian AndersonFormer “X-Files” star actress Gillian Anderson separated with her husband, documentary filmmaker Julian Ozanne.

Anderson, 37, and Kenya-born Ozzane, 42, met in a safari meeting in 2002 and started their romance. The celebrity couple married at a friend’s beach house on Lamu’s Shella Island, just off Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, on Dec 29, 2004.

They had been living in London with Anderson’s daughter, 11-year-old Piper from her previous marriage to production designer Clyde Klotz.

It’s a pity to see another celebrity couple getting divorce, poor Piper.. has to go through the same thing twice.

Meantime, Gillian Anderson, famous for her agent Scully role in 90s sci-fi series, X-Files, has recently revealed that the X-Files production team is planning to do another movie. ‘Agent Mulder’, David Duchovny is said to be interested in the project as well.

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