Stephanie Sun Shanghai concert

Asia superstar Stephanie Sun Yan-Zi’s Shanghai concert was a huge success.. concert tickets sold out, full house, great songs, entertaining performances and a high party night for the fans and audience.

Stephanie Sun Shanghai concert

Despite Stephanie Sun’s splendid 6 years of singing career and enormous popularity in worldwide Chinese community, it’s probably the Singaporean singer’s first concert in China. Kinda suprise with that.

I just chatted with a Shanghai friend who attended the concert, it was said to be a great concert with her great hits and dancing. The fans love it.

Stephanie Sun Shanghai concert, with Tanya

Stephanie Sun’s great buddy and fellow Singaporean Tanya guest featured for her concert, 2 great singers together must have push to atmosphere to the peak.

It must have been a great night, wish I was there.

Stephanie Sun Shanghai concert

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