Taiwanese artist Rene Liu

Rene Liu Ruo Ying Profile

Name: Rene Liu Ruo Ying (Lau Yeuk Ying, Liu RuoYing, Liu Re-Ying)
Chinese name: ???
Nickname: Nai-cha ?? (milk tea)
Birth date: June 1, 1970
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 160cm
Blood type: A
Education: California State University, US (classical music)
Profession: Actress, singer, song-writer and writer

Hobbies: Music and sleep
Favorite color: White
Favorite sport: Swimming
Favorite singer: Sting and Susan Vega

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Rene Liu Ruo Ying Biography

After her high school graduation in Taipei, Rene Liu pursued her music studies in California State University, US. She returned to Taiwan after getting her degree in classical music and was recruited by Taiwan Rock Music.

Rene Liu was not nurtured as singer immediately; in fact she worked as assistant for popular singer-composer Bobby Chen while learning music from him.

1995 is a breakthrough year for Rene Liu; she released her first Chinese album and started acting as well.

While her music career didn’t prosper at first, Rene’s acting talent somehow spotted by famous director Sylvia Chang, who made Rene the leading actress in movie “Xiao Yu.”

Xiao Yu was a great movie, and Rene’s performance won her the Best Actress award at the Asia Pacific Movie Festival in 1995.

Rene Liu has never stop acting since then, and won a few other acting awards in her decade of acting career. Rene is the first ever Taiwanese actress to win best actress awards in both movie and TV productions.

Some of Rene’s super-popular TV dramas are “Autumn Rhapsody” and “Pink Lady.”

Rene Liu was invited into the panel judges in 2003 Venice Movie Festival, one of the very few Chinese actresses that have been given the honor.

Rene Liu’s music career although didn’t started as well, does prosper in the end. The breakthrough was in 1998 with her 4th album, “Love You More & More.” It was one of the best albums of the year, and Rene had finally being recognized for what she loves most, music.

Rene Liu released her 5th album in 2000, “Waiting For You,” which was probably the peak of her music career.

Rene Liu is currently still acting and singing, and venturing into song composing, books writing and movie script writing as well.

Why I like Rene Liu Ruo Ying

Rene Liu is a multi-talented star and she’s hardworking.

Unlike lots of the superstars, Rene is not purely chasing for the fame and glory, but quietly working on making herself a better artist year after year.

Rene is a great actress, and a good singer too. Love her acting, love her voice.

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