Kate Moss reunite with CK, Calvin Klein

Kate MossSupermodel Kate Moss continues her comeback to high profile modelling career after last year drug scandal.

The latest.. Kate Moss signed a reported $900,000 deal to star in an upcoming ad campaign for Calvin Klein, CK, the company that launched her career some 14 years ago.

Last year Kate Moss was caught on tape taking cocaine and in quick succession lost her deals with high profile companies like Burberry, H&M and Chanel.

The British supermodel made an apology and went into rehab a few weeks later, and she’s back, without losing much of her fame. Kate Moss was still #1 fashion icon according to a poll last year.

Kate Moss, 32, arguably the most popular supermodel in her era will once again appear in billboards and magazines for a high profile brand.

The ads will be shooting in New York this week, also featuring male model Jamie Dornan (British sweetheart Keira Knightley’s ex).