Britney SpearsJust 2 years ago, Britney Spears was FHM’s sexiest woman in their 100 Sexiest Women in the world list, this year there’s no more Britney in the top 100.

The 24-year-old former pop queen, now mother to baby boy Sean Preston, is currently in the 120th spot and set to lost her place in the top 100 chart voted by the FHM magazine readers.

Britney Spears is #1 in 2004 and #6 in 2005, people love her and even royals like British Prince Williams was said to be a great fan of Britney.

It certainly suprised many to see a star to has fallen so fast in popularity, even the FHM editor Ross Brown is suprise, quoted saying..

It’s hard to believe that she’s currently outside the top 100 – I can only guess that a raft of less-than-flattering photos and her general disappearance from TVs and radios have left readers under the impression that Britney’s lost her sex appeal.

Britney Spears is facing problem losing her weight after giving birth, and the press and paparazzi like to snap photos of her in bad shape.. that’s probably hurting the singer image.

However it’s not just based on Britney’s pregnancy that she was losing her fans, other mothers such as Kate Beckinsale and mother-to-be Katie Holmes are on the list.. that’s something else that mathers.

Perhaps it’s her hubby, Kevin Federline that gathers the hatred.. I don’t find many people that’s fond of Kevin, for many it was a bad taste for Britney to has marry Kevin.

For me, I am just wondering if Britney will make her comeback.. she seems pretty enjoying her life right now.

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