James Bond Daniel Craig can’t play cards

Daniel Craig, James Bond 007Daniel Craig’s credibility as the new James Bond suffered another blow.. our 007 agent don’t know how to play poker.

Well the leading actor for “Casino Royale” don’t know what’s a Royal Flush is, now that’s ironic.

A poker expert is hired to teach the British 37-year-old actor about the game.

Ok here’s the list, Daniel Craig aka ‘James Bond’ is ‘not good’ in driving a manual car, he can’t fight, he hate guns, he has to wear a life jacket in a speedboat.. and now he can’t play cards.

So what’s next? What else could our James Bond ‘not know’ about?

Personally as some of the James Bond fans, I was skeptical when it was announced that Daniel Craig would play the next Bond.

Daniel Craig certainly doesn’t possess enough charm as of the previous 007 agents.. but heck, I am willing to give him a chance.

But now as more and more dumb moment prevails.. I am not sure about Daniel Craig anymore. God knows why the production company decided to offer Daniel Craig another contract as James Bond.