Edison Chan going Hollywood, starring in The Grudge 2

Vancouver borned Hong Kong actor Edison Chan Koon-Hei will star in Hollywood movie “The Grudge 2”.

Edison Chan, Levis

The Grudge was based on popular Japanese movie “Ju-On” and the first edition was a hit in 2004, with Sarah Michelle Gellar playing the leading role.

The 2nd sequel will also be directed by Takashi Shimizu (who is also the director of original Japanese version).

It’s said that Sarah Michelle Gellar won’t be playing the leading role, the focus will shift to Amber Tamblyn who played as Sarah’s sister in the first Grudge.

Edison Chan caught the eye of director Shimizu with his performance in Hong Kong blockbuster hit “Initial D”.

Although making fame in Chinese movies and singing, Edison Chan maiden language is actually English and The Grudge 2 will be his first English movie.. probably a good chance for the 26-year-old actor cum singer to make his mark in Hollywood as well.

Also joining Edison Chan is actress Jennifer Beals.

The Grudge 2 will be film in Japan’s legendary Toho Sound Studios and is expected to premiere on October 13, 2006.


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