Jessica Alba slammed MTV bosses for chimp kiss

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba slammed MTV bosses for conning her into kissing a chimpanzee.

The 24-year-old actress was filming a special video clip for hit blockbuster “Fantastic Four” when the producers jumped to stage with a chimpanzee and asked her to do a clip for ‘most romantic moment’ award.

Jessica Alba was quoted saying..

It was awful. All of a sudden there was a monkey in my arms and I had to do a clip for ‘most romantic moment’ award at the MTV Movie Awards.

So the monkey’s in my arms and I’m supposed to give her a peck. She opened her mouth and her tongue is scraping against my teeth. Monkeys’ teeth are really long, kind of like a snake.

Then I had to do it again and she grabbed both of my ears and screamed in my face and showed me all of her teeth.

I thought she was going to bite my face off.

I think monkeys should be left in trees.

Poor poor Jessica Alba.. it’s unimaginable to has kiss a chimpanzee.. mouth to mouth somemore eekkkkkkkk!

Jessica AlbaWell there is some good news for Jessica Alba, Playboy decided to apologize for using Jessica Alba’s image without consent at Playboy magazine.

Playboy will also donate to 2 charity organizations that Alba supported, Jessica Alba is reported to has accepted the apology.


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