Taiwanese artist Rainie Yang

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin Profile

Name: Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (Yang Chen Ling, Yeung Shing Lam)
Chinese name: ??? (???)
Birthdate: June 4, 1984
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 162cm
Blood type: AB
Language spoken: Mandarin, Taiwanese dialect, Cantonese and Japanese
Profession: Actress, singer and TV show host

Pet: Yumi (a dog)
Hobbies: Cuddling with her dog, reading and sleeping
Favorite colors: Black, white and gray
Favorite country: Japan
Favorite food: Fried chicken, BBQ, Japanese and Italian cuisine
Favorite actor: Tony Leung
Favorite singer: Beyonce

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Rainie Yang Cheng Lin Biography

Yang Cheng Lin (Lily) started her entertainment career when she was 14, featuring in commercials in Hong Kong.

When Cheng Lin was 15, she went for a BMG audition in Taiwan and was selected to form a girls group “4 In Love.” It was during that time that Cheng Lin got her name ‘Rainie’ that was used ever since then. The other 3 members were named Sunnie, Windy and Cloudy.

Rainie Yang stood out as the most popular girl from 4 In Love after starring as Xiao-You in 2001 popular Taiwan TV mini-series “Meteor Garden.”

4 In Love released 2 albums and was quite popular in Taiwan, but was sadly disbanded in 2002 due to personal issues. The other 3 members decided to pursue different interest, only Rainie decided to continue her prospering entertainment career back then.

Rainie’s decision proved wise as her popularity continued to grow with her leading performance in 2002 superhit Taiwan TV drama “The Love Book.”

It’s also in 2002 that Rainie started hosting in TV shows, including as co-host for the popular entertainment show in Taiwan, “Guess, Guess, Guess” with Jacky Wu.

Rainie’s another breakthrough was in 2005, she become superstar with her acting in highly rated Taiwan drama, “Devil Beside You” alongside heartthrob Mike He Jun Xiang.

With the success of Devil Beside You, Rainie Yang went back to singing again… releasing her debut solo album “Ai Mei” or “My Intuition” in September 2005. With the assist of the popular TV drama and TV show she was involving, the album became a superhit, Rainie is recognised as a singer once again.

Rainie is crowned the ‘Godmother of Cuteness’ by the press and her fans as she is good in making cute voices and faces, some people actually think she’s overacting but Rainie’s fans love it.

Rainie Yang released her 2nd solo album “Yu Shang Ai” or “Meeting Love” in March 2006, and started promotion overseas in Hong Kong as well.

Already a superstar in Taiwan, Rainie will become a superstar across Asia pretty soon.

Why I like Rainie Yang Cheng Lin

I liked 4 In Love pretty much, and thought that Rainie was cute. She’s still cute these days but I actually love her as her matured lady in some of her TV dramas.

Rainie Yang is still young, only 23 and can still act cute and innocent, but sooner or later she will need to show more quality in her singing and acting to be a real international superstar.

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin pictures and photos

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