Chinese actress Zhang Jingchu

Zhang JingChu Profile

Name: Zhang Jingchu (Jingchu Zhang, Zhang Jing Chu, Zhang Jing Zhu)
Chinese name: ???
Birthdate: February 2, 1980
Birthplace: Fujian, China
Height: 165cm
Education: Central Academy of Drama, China
Language spoken: Mandarin and English
Profession: Actress
Hobbies: Swimming, literature and movies

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Zhang JingChu Biography

Zhang JingChu starred in some minor roles before graduating from the prestigious Central Academy of Drama, and got her first leading role in 2005 movie “Peacock.”

Peacock received some great reviews internationally and grabbed an award in 2005 Berlin Film Festival. The name of Zhang JingChu suddenly caught the attention of both international and local media for being the leading actress.

Zhang JingChu also starred in 2005 box-office hit “Seven Swords” that was used as Venice Film Festival opening, JingChu was under the spotlight again.

People are already comparing JingChu’s potential with popular Chinese-Hollywood actress Zhang Ziyi. JingChu even has the advantage of fluent English speaking, something which Ziyi is still learning and improving.

Zhang Jingchu recent project is Chinese-Finnish collaboration movie “Jade Warrior” (Jadesoturi) which was shown in late 2006. She did well with Hong Kong movie “Protege” in early 2007.

Zhang Jingchu is rumored to star in Hong Kong director John Woo’s latest production, “War of Red Cliff” in 2007 (it didn’t happen in the end); the confirmed cast include award winning actor Tony Leung and Taiwan supermodel Lin Zhi Ling.

Why I like Zhang JingChu

Zhang Jingchu is a beauty; I actually think that she looks like the younger version of Zhang Ziyi, although both of them actually share similar age.

Zhang Jingchu is great in acting too. I am absolutely impressed with her performance in the movie Seven Sword, she can act better than lots of other established actress.

Zhang Jingchu is one of the brightest young Chinese star that could rock the Hollywood. Fluent English speaking gave her a great edge over her fellow China actress, and I wish her all the best.

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