Zhang Ziyi starring Chinese epic folklore, Mulan

Zhang ZiyiChina actress Zhang Ziyi is rumored to be playing “Mulan” in the movie remake of the Chinese folklore, directed by Hong Kong director Stanley Tong.

Mulan is a story about a girl who disguises herself as a man to replace her aged father and fight in wars and battles, the folklore was adapted into Disney’s 1998 animation “Mulan”.

This Stanley’s version of Mulan will be in Chinese and more historically based on the original story. Stanley Tong is famous for filming numerous Jackie Chan’s movie before the action star pursued his stunts in Hollywood.

Zhang Ziyi has yet to confirm on taking the Mulan role, but Stanley won’t be short of choices if Ziyi decided not to accept the offer. Other popular option includes popular Korean babe Jeon Ji-hyun and Hollywood actress Lucy Liu.

Various debates were already carried on after this rumor, as some Chinese audience are not happy that Zhang Ziyi playing the epic Chinese character just shortly after playing as a Japanese geisha.