John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez in Dallas?

Hollywood star John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez has been offered the leading role for the movie remake of 1980s popular tv show, “Dallas”.

Dallas was one of the most popular primetime soup opera in the 1980s about the love and hate of a Texas oil tycoon family.

20th Century Fox plans to start filming the movie at end of the year, both Travolta and J.Lo has yet to accept the offer.

The movie however already sparkle some discussions, apparently not everyone is happy with J.Lo playing the leading female character Sue Ellen Ewing. I read some reports that some people suggested Sharon Stone, but for me I think Catherine Zeta Jones will fit in the best.

Else, it’s said that the Texas based story will be film in Canada instead. The Dallas and Texas officials are currently working on convincing the movie to be filmed in where it should belong.


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