American Idol 2006 contestants has been narrowed down to the remaining top 12 after weeks of auditioning and voting.

To make it this far is already a great achievement, Bravi to all the the 12 singing talents. In the end however, there will be one ultimate winner.. the one and only American Idol 2006.

I am giving my 2 cents of thoughts of the contestants’ potential and how far they could go in the competition.. let’s see how good my prediction will be lol.

Ace Young probably has the best chance among the guys. He can sing and he looks good. I bet there will be hordes of American teenage girls voting for him to become the next American Idol. Goodbye

Bucky Covington already reached his limit in the last few show. Good but not great and have nothing else special that he could offer, most likely one of the earliest to be voted out. Goodbye

Chris Daughtry is the only remaining rock singer in the competition. Great performer but I don’t think his voice is great and definitely inferior to last year runner-up Bo Bice. Should get enough votes to stay for a few more weeks but not likely the final winner. Goodbye

Elliot Yamin is in my opinion the best male vocalist.. but somehow I don’t like him. For me he lacked a certain personality that makes him shine upon as a star, he is just so normal. Probably one of the first few to leave the show. Goodbye

Katharine Mcphee is my favorite, absolutely love her. Sings well and sweet looking, will fish bunch of votes from the guys and I believe the girls would like her too. At least one of the top 3. Goodbye

Kellie Pickler is a dark horse. At the beginning I thought she’s just good but from time to time she is ever improving, she definitely got the raw talent and the simple girl-next-door character. If she keeps on improving she got a chance. Goodbye

Kevin Covais.. the kid. In my opinion the weakest remaining singer, but people loves him. Can’t see him going far, one of the first to be voted out. Goodbye

Lisa Tucker is the youngest remaining contestant, showed lots of promise at the beginning but is already reaching her limit. I think she is sweet but sorry.. I don’t think she is going far. Goodbye

Mandisa is probably the best singer in the competition. However this is an Idol show, lots of the time other factors play an important part as well, especially the like-ability factor. Needs to show better performance to get the votes for her. Goodbye

Melissa McGhee is the unfortunate girl. Her face only first appeared during the voting stage, which simply means she had no fan base when her rivals have probably thousands of supporters at the beginning. Anyhow she’s not the best singer and not the best looking around, so it’s goodbye in the early stages. Goodbye

Paris Bennett can definitely sing, probably the best singer alongside Mandisa. People likes her and she seems pretty popular from internet reviews. Not my favorite but likely to be in the top 5. Goodbye

Taylor Hicks is another darkhorse. He is fun and gives variety to the Idol show, and he can sing. I think people will have an extreme view on him, like him or hate him, nothing in between. Should be going far but slim chance of becoming the winner.

I will say that the winner will be decided between Ace Young and Katharine Mcphee, with Paris Bennett having a great chance as well.

A few others like Kellie Pickler, Mandisa and Taylor Hicks might still have a chance if they can produce some stunning performance.

For the rest.. they needs miracle.

UPDATE Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol!

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