It’s Chico Time! Former X-Factor contestant Chico Slimani is #1 in UK singles chart for 2nd week in a row.

UK viewers should be quite familiar with Chico’s performance in X-Factor talent show last year. Although Chico was a great performer, he lacked an outstanding voice and eventually bowed out of the talent show.

Nonetheless Chico was quite popular with the viewers, and Sony BMG saw his potential and signed him in January and released his single “It’s Chico Time” early March.

Chico Slimani lived in Morocco before moving to England when he was 14, he worked as a hairdreser and electrical engineer before working as a stripper.

Chico’s success will probably provides inspiration to thousands of street performers and blue collars to have a dream of their own.

The eventual X-Factor winner Shyane Ward also topped the UK singles chart for his debut “That’s My Goal” in December.

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