Charlize Theron and Stuart TownsendOscar winning actress Charlize Theron was reported splits with actor Stuart Townsend after 5 years of relationship.

Stuart was not seen beside the Charlize during Oscar last week and not at the BAFTA ceremony in London as well. The couple was also not seen together during Charlize’s Japan trip for the promotion of movie “Aeon Flux”.

Chalize Theron’s career has been booming since the South African actress won the Oscar back in 2004, where as Stuart Townsend’s acting career is not as fancy.

It’s also rumored that Stuart had been rejected a few times for his marriage proposal.. all these probably leads to the breaking up of the couple.

It’s reported that a friend of Charlize Theron said that..

Charlize is free and single again. Her relationship with Stuart is well and truly over

Well love is a funny thing that only the people involved can really understand what’s happening, and as always.. best wishes for both of them to find their true love.

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