NBA star Yao Ming tops the Forbes China Celebrity List 2005, the Houston Rocket player was also #1 in the 2004 list.

Forbes China Celebrity List surveyed the income and popularity of celebrities in film, sports, media, music and publishing. Listees must be borned in mainland China.

2nd on the list is actress Zhou Xun who starred in movie musical “Perhaps Love”. Zhou Xun suprisingly edged Hollywood star and “Memoirs of Geisha” actress Zhang Ziyi who is on 3rd.

The top 10 of Forbes China Celebrity List 2005..

1. Yao Ming, NBA basketball player
2. Zhou Xun, actress
3. Zhang Ziyi, actress
4. Vicki Zhao Wei, actress and singer
5. Liu Xiang, Olympic gold medalist
6. Li Yu Chun, singer and Super “Voice” Girl singing competition champion
7. Fan Bing Bing, actress
8. Chan Kai-ge, movie producer and director
9. Sun Nan, singer
10. Li Bing Bing, actress

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