Ha Ji-won in Miracle on 1st Street

Ha Ji-won Profile

Name: Ha Ji-won
Korean name: ???
Chinese name: ??? (???, ???)
Birth name: Jeon Hae-rim ??? (???, ???)
Birth date: June 28, 1979
Birthplace: Seoul, Korea
Height: 168cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress and singer

Hobbies: Horse riding
Favorite color: Blue

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Ha Ji-won Biography

Ha Ji-won started acting in 2000 as supporting role and won a few awards for performances in movies “Ditto” (best supporting actress) and “Truth Game” (best newcomer).

Ha Ji-won landed her leading play in 2002 movie “Phone” that made her into superstar status in Korea.

Ha Ji-won become popular in Asia with TV drama “Damo” in 2003, where she played a female cop in the 17th century. Her performance in the TV series was superb and shaped the benchmark for Korean WuXia (martial arts) movies and dramas.

Despite gaining fame in Asia, Ha Ji-won rarely steps out of Korea. Her acting career is still booming since 2003, involving in a few movies and TV dramas, including the popular series “Memories of Bali.”

Ha Ji-won also started singing in 2005, her singing career is however not as successful as her acting career yet.

Ha Ji-won latest TV drama is “Hwang Jin-i,” which started showing in Korea late 2006 and received good ratings. Her latest movie “Miracle of 1st Street” is doing well also, topping the box-office chart for consecutive weeks since February 2007.

Why I like Ha Ji-won

I started to like Ha Ji-won after watching TV drama Damo, which remains as my favorite dramas starring Ji-won.

It’s hard to define her beauty actually… not stunning, but eye-pleasing. She’s a good actress though, that’s for sure.

Ha Ji-won Pictures, Photos and Videos

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