Amazing Race is back!! It’s Amazing Race 9, and after the relatively poor rating of family version last time, the show is back to the original version..

11 teams (2 members each) competing against each other on a race around the world to win 1 million US dollars!

I am a great fan of Amazing Race since the first edition, thrilled by the places and culture that I can see, and the not much intelligent and athelism in the contestants to fight for the winning prize.

As always, the contestants will have variety of background and relationship, here are the contestants and some thougts from me.. sorted by the position from first leg of the race.

Eric & Jeremy, Amazing Race 9Eric and Jeremy, friends
Jeremy is an experience traveller, both of them former college athletes. Energetic and aggressive, definitely one of the favorite to run all the way to win the race.

BJ & Tyler, Amazing Race 9BJ and Tyler, best friends
Happy go lucky bohemian style, both love adventure & travel and extremely experienced. Multilingual (Japanese, Spanish etc) and got brains.. BJ is a Harvard graduate lol.

Wanda & Desiree, Amazing Race 9Wanda and Desiree, mother and daughter Eliminated
The daughter is cute! Look a bit like Keira Knightley at first glance.. pretty calm and steady too. It’ll be interesting to see how far the cutie and mum can go.

David & Lori, Amazing Race 9David and Lori, dating Eliminated
They are the people which you expect to see studying PhD in Harvard, well at least they look like that. My genie tells me they are not going far, so good luck.

Lake & Michelle, Amazing Race 9Lake and Michelle, married parents Eliminated
Impatient husband, supportive wife. As long as they stay together and avoid quarrels, married couples normally done pretty well in the past.

Joseph & Monica, Amazing Race 9Joseph and Monica (the mojos), dating Eliminated
Monica sure got some temper, Joseph got lots of work to do. No worries, I’ve seen couple like you winning the race (3rd season I think..)

Ray & Yolanda, Amazing Race 9Ray and Yolanda, dating
Physically strong and pretty calm minded, I’m suprised that they are far behind but I somehow have faith that this couple will move ahead.

Fran & Barry, Amazing Race 9Fran and Barry, married 40 years Eliminated
I always support old couples and past seasons they normally did fair enough. Fran & Barry is however not the brightest.. so just pray for them to reach as far as possible.

Danielle & Dani, Amazing Race 9Danielle and Dani, childhood friends Eliminated
2 hot pinky, yeah they’re cute but 2 blondes never did well in Amazing Race. My heart wishes them to win it, but my brain says they are going home.. soon.

Lisa & Joni, Amazing Race 9Lisa and Joni, sisters Eliminated
They talked too much, yelled too much and didn’t think enough. Time to cool down and start using your brains or else.. goodbye next week.

John & Scott, Amazing Race 9John and Scott, lifelong friends Eliminated
A bit unlucky to finish last, but probably deserved it. Enuff said for this 2 poor buddies, all the best to your future endevours :p

(first name is always the person on our left of the picture)

From the first episode of Amazing Race 9, I predict the last 3 to be Eric & Jeremy, BJ & Tyler and Ray & Yolanda. What say you?

Images from, for more contestant details and weekly updates, visit Amazing Race official website instead. [click here]

UPDATE BJ and Tyler won the Amacing Race. I made some brilliant guess on the final 3 :p

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