GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) is a 1998 Japanese Fuji-tv production based on the popular same titled comic.

GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO was a great hit in Japan and one of the all-time most popular Japanese series in Asia. The 12-episodes tv drama starred Sorimachi Takashi, Matsushima Nanako and a bunch of young talents.

The storyline..

Onizuka Eikichi (Sorimachi Takashi) is a graduate from poor rated university and a former bike-gang-leader. Onizuka greatest dream is to become a high school teacher, partly due to his love for “teaching”, but also for the chance to peep on high school girls.

Onizuka opportunity came when a high school principal sees Onizuka as a perfect choice to tackle the disciplinary problems at one of the troublesome class. And here it comes, the Teacher Onizuka.

On his first day to school, Onizuka met fellow teacher, Fuyutsuki Azusa (Matsushima Nanako) and fell in love at the first sight.. but left a bad impression with her.

Although the students distaste Onizuka at the beginning, but Onizuka used a lot of unconventional “teaching” to gain the trust of the students, and his passion and love for the students gradually melt their barrier and form a great bond of teacher-student relationship.

Fuyutsuki Azusa is the first teacher to see the passion behind the outrageous act of Onizuka, and despite some bad impression at the beginning she accepted Onizuka’s love in the end.

GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO is based on a comic, thus it’s understandable that the stories and acting are outrageous and extreme.

It was however the laughter and heart warming in the series that makes it immensely popular. Lots of Japanese students at that time wished that they have a teacher like Onizuka.

Sorimachi Takashi played the character of Onizuka Eikichi to the perfection, and the bunch of young actors/actress lively performance make this a truely enjoyable comedy.

Sorimachi Takashi and Matsushima Nanako, GTO

The tv series also match-made Sorimachi Takashi and Matsushima Nanako, they are now husband and wife.

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