Singaporean singer Stephanie Sun visit Congo

Singaporean singer Stephanie Sun Yan Zi represented World Vision Taiwan on a 8-days visit to Congo to help the poor, and hopefully with her celebrity fame could create more attention to the needed.

Stephanie Sun

Stephanie Sun was in Congo from 16-23 Feb, Congo is an African country facing civil war, poverty, clean water shortage, medical shortage and severe health issue with AIDS and malaria a common issue.

Stephanie Sun, Congo

The Taiwan World Vision has made numerous donations to help the poor, build schools, clinics and water supply system, and hopefully with Stephanie Sun’s endorsement more donation fund can be gathered.

Stephanie Sun, Congo

During her stay, Stephanie has encountered numerous experience, she mentioned that she missed the kids a lot and actually adopted one of the little child. Stephanie also personally helping a talented painter to pursue study in university.

For more info on World Vision Organization, please visit here.

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