George Michael arrested in London for drug possession

George MichaelGay singer George Michael was arrested in London for drug possession.

It happened last Saturday night when a passing motorist noticed a man (that’s George) slumping over the steering wheel of a car and called the emergencies.. then came the police and paramedics.

The paramedics examined George Michael and determined that he is ok, and the police arrested him after finding some suspicious content in George’s possession.

It’s later confirmed that George Michael possessed a small amount of Class C drugs, the lowest category of illegal drugs (such as marijuana, anabolic steroids and some painkillers).

Under British Law that’s enough to put George in jail for 2 years or an unlimited fine.

The police didn’t confirmed the identity of the 42-year-old singer, the news was only clarified when George made a statement about his involvement with the case, declaring that..

it is my own stupid fault, as usual..

This was not the first time George Michael got arrested, in 1998 he was arrested for “lewd conduct” in a public toilet in Beverly Hills. He declared himself gay shortly after the 1998 incident.