Mischa Barton UK’s most eligible, FHM

MischaMischa Barton is UK’s most eligible woman, according to a poll by UK men’s magazine, FHM.

20-year-old Mischa Barton was borned in London but moved to US at young age. She is famous for her role as Marissa Cooper in US (probably worldwide) hit tv series, OC.

King Kong star Naomi Watts is 2nd.. the Australian actor was actually borned in UK, making her available for the list. 3rd is the undisputable fashion queen Kate Moss.

Suprised to see that Zara Philips, daughter of Princess Anne is 5th on the list.. guys in UK must be dreaming about being a royal ain’t so. I wonder why the daughter of Princess Anne is not named as a princess as well? Interesting..

The top 10 UK’s most eligible ladies according to FHM..
Mischa Barton, Naomi Watts, Kate Moss, Joss Stone, Zara Phillips, Elizabeth Jagger, Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, Tamara Ecclestone, Mickey Sumner

My vote goes to Keira Knightley, she is only in #7 (what are you thinking UK guys??)