Shame on you Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey and Jessica SimpsonNick Lachey had filed new divorce papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday for reserving the right to seek spousal support from divorcing wife Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson made a divorce filling in December with hope that their separation will go on peacefully, seems like it’s not going to happen.

Nick Lachey wants all of his jewelry back and wants to keep all his earnings he accumulated since the split AND he still wants part of Jessica Simpson’s earnings as spousal support.

Oh gosh.. this is ugly and cheap. Nick could be more gentleman, even if without Jessica Simpson’s support he is still pretty rich, he is still young (32) and handsome and still have a bright future, why do he needs to act like an idiot? Be a MAN, not a fool!

I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson, but this time.. she has my sympathy.

Shame on you Nick Lachey, you are the cheapest guy I’ve ever seen..