Beach Boys, 1997

Beach Boys is a 1997 Fuji TV’s production and one of the best Japanese drama in the 1990s.

Beach Boys, 1997 Japanese drama

The 12 episodes series starred Sorimachi Takashi, Takenouchi Yutaka, Hirosue Ryoko, Inamori Izumi and Mike Maki.

The story plots..

Hiromi Sakurai (Sorimachi Takashi) was kicked out from his girlfriend’s house and decided to head for the beach. On his way, his car was out of and while busy pushing his car.. Kaito Suzuki (Takenouchi Yutaka) came in and gave a helping hand.

Kaito is a bright star in multinational company but made a mistake that cost millions of dollars, thus decided to take a break from his busy life and the beach he went.

The duo somehow ended up crashing the car onto the beach next to the a B&B hostel run by aging ex-surfer Masaru Izumi (Mike Maki) and his cute grand daughter, boyish highschool student Makoto (Hirosue Ryoko).

Hiromi managed to get himself hired by Masaru to work during the summer season, while Kaito who lost his wallet was forced to stay in the same room with Hiromi. The 2 guys with different personality started quarrel with each other but later learned a lot from each other and unknowingly became good friends.

Just a few blocks from the B&B is a bar run by Haruko (Inamori Izumi) who is waiting for her love to come back for years.

Lots of things happened in that summer..

Hiromi picking up swimming again after an injury that forced him out of Olympic swimming team.
Kaito discovered that he was shading shadows in his corporate life and found inner peace with the sea.
Makoto have her first crush with Hiromi..

Together this bunch of people produced a series of stories that touches peoples’ heart and discover themselves in a summer at the beach.. with the beach boys.

Beach Boys is one of my all time favorite tv series, it’s a pack 12 episodes with touchy stories, and it’s not the usual love and romance Japanese drama.. it’s much more than that.

Beach Boys is about friendship, love, promise, commitment and to find the real meaning of life.

Beach boys was a superhit in Japan and across Asia, following the earlier success of tv drama Long Vacation, the Japanese had shaped themselves to dominate the Asian tv market in the late 1990s.