Stones rolling at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Rock band Rolling Stones entertained 1 million fans on a free show at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro.

This Saturday night show was one of the biggest rock concert ever, 6,000 police officers have to be deployed to keep things organized in the trouble area with drug gangs ruling.. the officers will surely be glad that nothing serious happened.

There are local Brazilians and fans from around the world as far as Europe and Japan to watch the concert. Some of them genuinely want to watch the Rolling Stones, while some just want to be part of the historic Rock n Roll concert.

The Rolling Stones didn’t disappointed the fans and gave 2 hours of great show featuring songs from their early days40 years ago and from their latest album “A Bigger Bang.”

The organizer crowned this as the biggest rock concert ever but the largest concert according to Guiness World Records was 3.5 million people on a free show by Rod Stewart on Copacabana Beach on New Year Eve 1994.

Some people, including the mayor however claims that most people was just on the street celebrating new year eve in 1994 and not for Rod Stewart show.. so this Rolling Stone show should be the largest concert ever.