Keith Urban kept his promise

Keith Urban with GrammyKeith Urban traveled to North Wilkesboro on Friday just to fulfill a 5 year old promise.

The singer from New Zealand won the Grammy for best male country vocal performance for “You’ll Think of Me” just a week ago.

Keith Urban appeared at a car dealer company, where he used his first royalty check from his hit “But For the Grace of God” to buy a 1994 Chevy Impala.

The car dealer Phil Stevens gave Keith Urban a discount of $2000 with the condition that the singer agreed to make an appearance at the dealership sometime in the future.

Stevens was definitely suprised with this, quoted saying..

I never thought that someone who had achieved what Keith has achieved since we first met would find the time to remember a simple handshake promise

Bravo Keith Urban, I think that it is a noble thing to do.. to keep every simple promise you made to anyone regardless of how important the person is. Bravo! Bravo!