Son Ye-jin Hong Kong trip delayed

Son Ye-jinKorean popular actress Son Ye-jin had to delayed her Hong Kong trip because of her passport expired.

The Korean sweetheart was scheduled for series of event in Hong Kong on this weekend (18-19 Feb) for the promotion of her latest movie “The Art of Seduction” – ?????.

Ye-jin only found out that her passport expired when checking in at the Korea airport on Friday evening. She realized how big the mistake was and immediately had her manager calling the Hong Kong organizers about the problem and apologized.

Son Ye-Jin is trying her best to get departure documents from Korean officials but it’s Saturday now and most likely she can only made it in Hong Kong on Monday.

Meantime the Hong Kong organizers are still unsure on cancelling or delaying the promotion events, whatever options they take they will suffer losses for sure.

Looks like our pretty Korean had made a big Oopssie this time.. hope the fans won’t blame Ye-jin for this lol.

UPDATES!! It appeares that Son Ye-jin’s passport was not expired as rumored but she forgot to bring it to the airport instead. She asked her assistant rushing back to get it but too late, the flight already departed.

Still Ye-jin is lucky enough to arrive in Hong Kong on Saturday around 7pm and still managed to catch the movie premiere for “The Art of Seduction”.

Her meeting with press is delayed from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Glad to see Son Ye-jin made it at last, although with a little blooper lol.