Jolin Tsai sign for Capitol Taiwan, reunion with mentor

jolin_tsai_sony.jpgTaiwanese pop-singer Jolin Tsai (???) left Sony-BMG and signed for Capitol Taiwan.

Capitol Taiwan is managed by Jolin Tsai’s mentor in the Taiwan music industry and this is probably the biggest reason for her to join a new firm rather than staying at the establish Sony-BMG.

Jolin previously had some contract issues with her mentor and broken the relationship, thus the reunion of this mentor-student relationship is under the Taiwanese media spotlight.

Jolin however declared that the past is over and she will look into the future with the company.

Jolin Tsai is one of the best album seller in Taiwan for the past few years, and is popular across Asia. Not only that she flair in her music, Jolin’s fashion style has become a trendy image for followers.

It’s said that Capitol Taiwan is also after Jolin Tsai’s good friend, another Asian pop-star Stephanie Sun from Singapore. Jolin said that she already phoned Stephanie persuading to join forces in her new company.


  1. […] I used to like Jolin’s music, she’s actually quite a good singer. Perhaps she should really focus on her music rather than pushing too hard on her image building, her music are not improving since moving to her new recording company. […]