Lin Zhi Ling the next Taipei mayor

Lin Zhi LingLin Zhi Ling should be Taipei’s mayor? This is what some Taiwan politicians suggested, it’s a wild entertainment world in Taiwan.

Well if Hollywood actors like Reagen can be US president and Arnold can be California governor, why can’t Lin Zhi Ling be Taipei’s mayor, sure she can?

Lin Zhi Ling is the top supermodel in Taiwan, probably one of the most well known Taiwanese celebrity across Asia and people loves her.

She is hot, she is pretty, she is sexy but bear in mind she got brains too.. Lin Zhi Ling is a double degree holder from Toronto University and she’s always polite and humor in front of camera. She rarely outspoken and she talks like a politician, far better than most of the Taiwanese politicians nowadays.

And in Taiwan, politics = personal charm. The voters rate personal charm highly and sometimes ignore the capabilities of the candidates.. enough said, I don’t want Taiwanese throwing stones at me lol.

It started as a joke, but could be a reality later.. whatever it is, good luck to Lin Zhi Ling.