Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, still together or not?

Life & Style, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes splitTom Cruise and Katie Holmes are still engaged and planning for their wedding, their spokesman said.

Celebrity magazine Life & Style earlier threw a Valentine “gift” for the Hollywood couple stating that they splited after Katie’s 7 months of pregnancy. Tom Cruise’s publicists had denied the rumor stating that it was 100% false.

Tom and Katie began dating last April and in June Tom proposed to Katie at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Their high-key relationship was constantly made fun off by the press, especially after Tom Cruise “school-boy-crush” like declaration of love for Katie during Oprah Winfrey’s show.

A spokeswoman for Life & Style magazine however stated that their story is 100% true, based on information from “multiple insiders”.

So is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes over? Which story do you believe?