Oscar nominees gathered at luncheon

Nominees for 2006 Academy Awards gathered at a pre-award luncheon on Monday.

Oscar nominees luncheon

Academy president Sid Ganis welcomed the 116 nominees to the 25th annual luncheon at the Beverly Hilton, stating that..

There are no winners here today, there are no losers here today, just members of a really special club..

Ganis also recalled the luncheon 25 years ago, only 45 of the 136 nominees attended the lunch, while this year it’s close to full attendance. The blizzard in New York stopped the footsteps of a few including director Ang Lee, actress Rachel Weisz and actor Paul Giamatti.

Steven Spielberg and editor Michael Kahn were the 2 special nominees in 2006 that had attended the first luncheon, this year with nomination in “Munich”, 25 years ago with “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

The Hollywood elites and celebrities were enjoying themselves, mingling around, table hopping, photo taking.. some of these stars offered some interesting quotes for the press..

George Clooney joked on Vice President Dick Cheney over his hunting accident..

He called me to go hunting and I asked, Why don’t you come as my date?

British Keira Knightley, the youngest nominee (20) this year..

I have just seen George Clooney outside and thought that was quite cool.

I got woken up with my mom screaming and I have to say, I turned over and went back to sleep.. I woke up three hours later giggling, going ‘Did that just happen?’

Heath Ledger about meeting his fiancée Michelle Williams in “Brokeback Mountain”..

That’s the greatest thing I gained from this film, by far.

Oscars telecast producer Gil Cates warned on overlong acceptance speeches for winners..

You are not the most boring people in the world. You are among the most gifted and talented people on the planet and you have the ability and the obligation, frankly, to make your moment at the microphone memorable for you and for us

Gil Cates received my pre-oscar best speech award lol.