Norah Jones in Wong Kar-Wai film?

That’s speculations that Grammy Awards winner Norah Jones will make her acting debut in a Wong Kar-Wai directed film, working titled “My Blueberry Nights”.

Well it’s kinda suprised to link up the US Jazz queen Norah Jones with the maniac Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai, it’s just so unmatchable. “My Blueberry Nights” will be Wong’s first English movie, and as usual Wong will direct the film without a script..

Wong Kar-Wai is always a controversial movie director, while some critics rank him highly, most of the ordinary audience actually tease him for making films that only he himself can understand.

So if it’s turn out to be true.. good luck to Norah Jones as I believe Wong Kar-Wai is not the best director for any debutant.