Jaws’ author Peter Benchley dies at 65

Peter BenchleyJaws’ author Peter Benchley dies at 65 due to lung disease.

Peter Benchley 1974 novel “Jaws” was made into same title movie by Steven Spielberg. The success of the movie had created terror around the globe just to get into the sea, and also a misconception of sharks that the creature are maniac and like to attack human.

Contradict to his fiction novel, Peter Benchley had no fear for sharks. In fact he was pretty much a shark lover and actively involved in conservation work.

With the success of “Jaws” the movie, Peter Benchley had to spend much of his time explaning that his story is a novel and fiction.. that sharks are not as terror as the movie potrays.

Other than his Jaws novel, Harvard graduated Peter Benchley was himself a successful journalist.

Beside his wife Wendy, Peter Benchley is survived by 3 children (a daughter and two sons) and a few grandchildren.