NBC and Reveille planning US version of Eurovision

NBC and Reveille is adapting the US version of Europe Eurovision singing contest and planning for a new singing competition to challenge Fox’s American Idol.

Eurovision has been running for 50 years and jump start the career of superstars like ABBA and Celine Dion, both of them winners of the show.

At the 2005 Eurovision a record 39 European countries took part in it, with the eventual winner from Greece. First off each country will have to select their representatives and viewers from the participated countries will vote for the their favorite performer with a wide ranging shows.

The good part is the voters cannot vote for their own countries, so it eliminates the country dominance issues, the best wins.

The US version will probably run with the states replacing countries.. it’s said that they will use online competition to find singers from each state that will participate in the broadcast series and votings will decided the winners.

It should be interesting to see how this US version of Eurovision (maybe call USvision?) can challenge the American Idol show, which is getting ever popular with their 5th season now.