Korean artist demonstrated on screen quota cut

Hundreds of Korean artist demonstrated on screen quota cut by the South Korea government. The demonstration was lead by famous artist and directors like Ahn Sung-ki, Jeon Do-youn, Choi Min-shik and Lee Byung-hun etc was joined by another 1000s of fans and public.

In South Korea, movie theaters are required to show domestic films for at least 146 days a year, but the Korean government announced on January 26 that they will cut the quota by half to 73 days.

Controversial sparked when the South Korea started a free trade talk with US just a week after the announcement. Thus many see that the cut of quota is a compromise shown by Korean government with US as the main beneficiary of the quota cut will be Hollywood films.

The demonstrating crowd chanted “The government betrayed our culture for a free trade agreement”

Many regarded the recent success of Korean movies in domestic market is due to the protective quota, thus cutting the quota will badly damage the development of Korean movie industry. Moreover the Korean movies are just successfully penetrating the Asian market, it’s not a good time to pull their legs at the moment.

I really hate to see when politics interfere with entertainment, hope that the Korean government can make a wise decision on this. I really hope to see more good Korean movies in the future.