Taiwanese actor Mike He Jun Xiang

Mike He Jun Xiang Profile

Name: Mike He Jun Xiang (Mike Ho)
Chinese name: ??? (???)
Nickname: Xiao Mei ??, Xiang Xiang ??
Birth date: December 28, 1983
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Blood type: B
Religion: None
Family members: Parents, a younger brother and a younger sister
Profession: Actor and model

Hobbies: Basketball, movies and music (and sleep)
Favorite cartoon character: Doraemon
Favorite colors: Black, blue and white
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite actors: Ekin Cheng, Tom Cruise and Takeshi Kaneshiro
Favorite actresses: Liv Taylor and Charlize Theron
Favorite movie: James Bond 007 series
Favorite music: Country jazz and pop
Favorite singers: Bon Jovi and Avril Lavigne

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Mike He Jun Xiang Biography

Mike He Jun Xiang started his career modelling for magazines and TV commercials, and become popular with his attractive figure, handsome looking and charming smile.

Mike He then appeared in a few music videos with Valen Hsu and Angelica Lee before making his debut in acting.

Mike He is still active in modeling and posed for a few classic advertisement as well as TV commercials, and continues to feature with some other MVs, the more popular include his appearance in MVs of Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang and Tanya Chuah.

Mike’s first TV drama was “7th Grade” in 2003/2004 starring alongside Ariel Lin. He did not play the main role, but he later reunited with Ariel again in 2004 TV drama “Love Contract” where he played as the leading actor.

In 2004 Mike He also had a short but catchy appearance in the highly rated TV drama “Say Yes Enterprise.”

2005 is a breakthrough year for Mike He, his TV dramas “Devil Beside You” with Rainie Yang and Express Boy with Xu Wei Lun were 2 of the best rated TV series in Taiwan that year.

Mike’s TV dramas are popular overseas, he has lots of fans in Japan, Korea, China and South East Asia as well as Western countries like Australia and USA.

Mike’s 2006 drama “Marry Me” (?????) has just finished showing in Taiwan and will air in other countries soon.

Mike He has just finished filming TV drama “Exchange Love” with Rainie. The drama is highly anticipated as it features the same cast and production team of Devil Beside You.

My thoughts on Mike He Jun Xiang

I don’t usually blog about male celebrities, but I know I have a bunch of readers who love Mike… and by the request of Carmen Lim, this entry is for you and all Mike’s fans.

I do think that Mike He is handsome and have a pleasant personality, being a guy I got to say I’m a bit jealous of his look.. that’s probably why he is a superstar and I’m behind the computer screen.

Mike’s acting still needs improvement, but he is getting better and better. Mike is still young and if he is willing to learn, I can see Mike He Jun Xiang becoming an international superstar.

Mike He Jun Xiang Videos

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