Bill Tung fighting illness

Bill TungHong Kong famous horse-racing commentator Bill Tung (??) is figthing his illness, he has been troubled by illness since last September. Best wishes and get well soon Uncle Bill.

Bill Tung or Tung Biu, often regarded as Uncle Bill is the most popular horse-racing commentator and show host in Hong Kong. His humor and bold critics on his show has managed to attract lots of fans, some of his audience don’t even race horses.

Bill Tung, Inspector Wong in Police StoryBill Tung was acting in some movies as well, including the popular “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World” (????)with Lydia Sum (???) in 1980s. Internationally he is probably well known as Inspector Bill Wong as Jacky Chan’s superior in movie “Police Story” and also co-starring Jacky Chan in a few other earlier movies.

For the past few years Bill Tung has spent most of his time in Macau as a show host and horse trainer and managed to become a championship horse trainer.

Get well soon Uncle Bill!

Bill Tung passed away on Feb-22, 2006 at age of 73. RIP Uncle Bill.


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