Top 99 Women 2006 Top 99 Women 2006 was released, listing the 99 most desirable female celebrities in 2006 voted by readers (2.5 million votes were made).

I will jumpstart the list from 10 to 1..

Eva Longoria#10 Eva Longoria

Famous for her naughty Gabrielle Solis role in Desperate Housewives. Eva is currently in relationship with NBA star Tony Parker from San Antonio Spurs.

Natalie Portman#9 Natalie Portman

Played as Princess Amidala in the recent Star Wars Trilogy, Natalie Portman is rated as one of the brightest young female artist in Hollywood.

Amerie#8 Amerie

I watched some of Amerie’s MTVs, which was pretty good. Other than that I know nothing much about her other than her music.

Jessica Biel#7 Jessica Biel

Made famous by her role in hit series 7th Heaven, Jessica Biel has been moving on big screen in recent years. Love her role in Blade: Trinity.

Charlize Theron, Aeon Flux#6 Charlize Theron

Model turned actress and an Oscar winner, Charlize Theron has a really impressive resume. Chalize’s 2005 is a mix year, with a Golden Globe nomination in North Country but a poor performance in Aeon Flux.

Maria Menounos#5 Maria Menounos

Formerly beauty queen and news anchor, Maria switched into acting in 2004. The most noticable role in 2005 is some short but catchy appearance in Fantastic Four as the sexy nurse.

Adriana Lima#4 Adriana Lima

Last year number 1, this Brazilian supermodel is always Askmen’s favorite. Adriana Lima has expressed her desire to pursue an acting career but not soon, perhaps not in 2006.

Angelina Jolie#3 Angelina Jolie

Nowadays no top 10 list is complete without Angelina Jolie. Recently in news headline with her pregnancy with Brad Pitt, both of them starred in 2005 hit “Mr and Mrs Smith”. I am not a hardcore fan for Jolie’s beauty but I always admire her for her charitable work. Have a healthy baby Angelina Jolie.

Sienna Miller#2 Sienna Miller

Jude Law’s girlfriend, what else?

Jessica Alba#1 Jessica Alba

Congrats Jessica Alba for the #1 spot! 2005 has been a great year for Jessica Alba, with acting role in 3 hit movies.. Sin City, Fantastic Four and Into The Blue.

With her hot but healthy image, Jessica Alba have a bright future ahead. Not many female celebrities can kick butt like her, she’s the favorite to become the next American action hero lol.

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