My Little Bride, 2004

My Little Bride 2004“My Little Bride” is a 2004 Korean movie starring Kim Rae-Won and Moon Geun-Young. It’s named “Eorin Shinbu” in Korean and “16 Years Old Bride” in some places.

It’s a comedy and romance movie about the mismatch marriage of a young college lad with a 16 years old student. Lots of fun and sweet, innocent loving scene, quite an entertaining movie.

“My Little Bride” probably won’t meet any Oscar standard, but definitely refreshing and heart warming movie. Probably a good choice for Valentine’s Day which is approaching pretty soon.

Kim Rae-Won and Moon Geun-Young gained huge popularity from this movie with their lively performances.

Here goes the storyline..

“My Little Bride” is about Sang-Min (Kim Rae-Won) a college student who envy playboy-like lifestyle and his childhood friend, 16 years old Bo-Eun (Moon Geun-Young) an ordinary student who worries about her studies and crushes on handsome lads.

Things changed when Sang-Min’s grandfather was (pretending to be) sick and as his “final wishes” is to see Sang-Min and Bo-Eun getting married. Both Sang-Min and Bo-Eun although unwillingly, decided to fulfill the old man wishes.

Although by the paper a married couple, Sang-Min and Bo-Eun are merely just staying under the same roof and do nothing that husband and wife will do. The comedy begins when they try hard to live undercover from their parents and friends and to let Bo-Eun live a normal school life.

To make it worse Sang-Min was assigned to Bo-Eun high school for his internship and thus they need to try extra hard to hide their relationship. A crazy-minded teacher Kim crush on Sang-Min creates more drama.

As any romance stories go, both Sang-Min and Bo-Eun discover their love for each other bit by bit and a happy ending in the end.

Kim Rae-Won and Moon Geun-Young


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