Brad Pitt is New Woman’s sexiest men 2006

Brad PittBrad Pitt is voted New Woman’s (a UK magazine) sexiest men 2006 (link), well a perfect match for Angelina Jolie who was voted the world sexiest woman in various polls.

Brokeback Mountain actor Jake Gyllenhaal came 2nd and LOTR star Orlando Bloom cames 3rd.

Well it’s a UK based poll, so we can see X-factor winner Shayne Ward at 7th place and soccer players like Thierry Henry (12) and David Beckam (14) in the top 20. Chelsea FC manager Jose Morinho came in 6th place, that’s a suprise lol.

Glad to see “Lost” star Josh Holloway in the list.. and who the heck is Olivier Martinez??

The top 10 sexiest men in 2006 by New Woman magazine..
1. Brad Pitt
2. Jake Gyllenhaal
3. Orlando Bloom
4. Johnny Depp
5. Clive Owen
6. Jose Morinho
7. Shyane Ward
8. Daniel Craig
9. Simon Jones
10. Olivier Martinez

Now who is your favorite sexiest man?