Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry is Miss America 2006

22 years old Jennifer Berry from Oklahoma is crowned Miss America 2006, which was held in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

It was a difficult year for Miss America, after dropping of tv ratings for recent years, the non-profit organizer was in a situation where no major television network broadcasting the event. The show was postphoned for 4 months looking for a tv sponsor until Country Music Television, a paid cable network said to have 78 million subscribers came to the rescue.

For the first time since 1921, the Miss America final was organized outside Atlantic City. Not sure if moving to the sin city will help the ratings in anyway..

I believe the reason for the slumps of Miss America was contributed by the emerging of tv reality shows like American Idol, Apprentice, Survivors, The Amazing Race etc.. people have so many options to see real people on tv nowadays, in a more exciting fashion.

Also sorry to say.. the quality of the pageants are pretty poor. Ok they might be kind hearted, educated blah blah.. but when it comes to a beauty pageant contest, appearance matters.

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