Takizawa Hideaki going to Hollywood?

Takizawa HideakiTakizawa Hideaki going to Hollywood? Yes possible.. popular Hollywood Chinese star Jacky Chan had expressed his interest to mentor 24 years old Takizawa Hideaki to international stardom.

Jacky Chan felt that Takizawa Hideaki has good dancing skills and can easily adopt into kungfu fighting scene.

Takizawa Hideaki (????), nicknamed Tackey was nurtured as a star since 13. He made his fame when co-starring Nanako Matsushima in the controversial but popular tv drama “Majo no Jouken”, where he played as a high school student and fell in love with his teacher.

Takizawa HideakiIn 2002 Takizawa Hideaki together with Imai Tsubasa formed a duo group “Tackey & Tsubasa” and released their first album.

Tackey is rated as one of the most potential star of his generation in Japan and his popularity is ever growing across Asia. Who knows, we might have an international star in making.. Takizawa Hideaki.