Jet LiHollywood kung fu star Jet Li suprised many stating that his latest movie “Fearless” will be his last kung fu movie. Jet Li mentioned that he would like to do more artistic movies in the future, and actively involve in charity work.

This make the US$30 million production Chinese movie “Fearless” a must see for all Jet Li’s fans and kungfu martial art fans.

Jet Li in Fearless“Fearless” is a story about a young lad Ho Yuan-Jia (???) who work hard and overcome obstacles and become a kungfu master.

Ho Yuan-Jia was a legend in real world, he was the pioneer of Chinese kungfu society, “Jing Wu”. The moral that the movies trying to potray is align with the undying spirit of “Jing Wu”, but the story plot is said to be unrelated to the master’s real life.

The movie was directed by Ronny Yu, with Yun Wo-Ping (from Matrix) as the martial arts director. The most interesting part is that the movie invited lots of real kungfu master like Olympic and World Champions to play the fighting scene.

:JetAccording to Jet Li the best fighting stunts are always from the real fighters, which I agree. Don’t put any hope that “Fearless” will produce something like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “Fearless” is real stuffs. It’s martial arts to it’s best.

Fearless premiere was in Beijing on Thursday (19/1), images courtesy of Sina.

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