Densha Otoko 2005

00131.jpgDensha Otoko means Train Man in Japanese. The word Densha Otoku was a phenomenom in Japan 2005, almost every Japanese knew about the Densha Otoko story that was edited into books, tv dramas and movie.

The real life story of train man was originated from a Japan discussion board where a young computer/anime/manga geek (nicknamed Densha Otoko aka Train Man) who falls in love with a beautiful office lady (nicknamed Hermes). They met on a train when a drunken man was trying to harass Hermes, and the Train Man saved her from the incident and started a ‘relationship’

Train Man is a typical geek who hangs out at Akihabara area, and obsessed with Anime, Manga and electronics gadgets. He had no sense of fashion and felt inferior trying to ask for a date with Hermes her dream girl.

Thus Train Man started posting at a Japanese discussion board asking for help. His posting immediately became the center of attention and thousands of ideas and opinions started to flock in from people who don’t know each other in real life.

Train Man then started learning to call a girl, ask for date, groom himself, and woo for his dream love. But disaster awaits, what will happen if Hermes discover the real personailty of Train Man? Something that he tried to hide so much.

Well the story goes on and was made into tv dramas and movie, and turned out to be the biggest hit in Japan entertainment in 2005, everyone is talking about Densha Otoko.

Densha Otoko movieI haven’t watch the tv drama (above pic) that was starred by the gorgeous Ito Misaki, but I had watch the movie version (right pic) of Densha Otoko, which was quite ok.

While everyone is talking about the tv and movie, I would rather like to know what happen to the real Train Man and Hermes, did they got together in the end just like the movie version?


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