American Idol 2006 Premiere

American Idol 2006 Premiere hit a record of 35.5 million viewers on their debut, the best premiere in the past 5 seasons for the no 1 US entertainment show.

Fox’s production American Idol entered the latest 5th season by debuting yesterday (17/1), with a few tv channels around the globe showing it simultaneously or just a few hours behind.

I had the opportunity to watch the American Idol (almost) live on tv, as always my favorite is at the early audition part. The crowds and participants always burst me into laughter, got to admire some of the courages people, their singing sucks big time and they still dare to show their ‘talent’ on tv.

The first episod of American Idol is the audition in Chicago, I can see a few American Idol hopefuls from Chicago. The judge trio of Simon, Paula and Randy mentioned that the audition this year is the best in 5 seasons, judging from Chicago alone, I kinda agree.

Ouch… got to stay in front on tv for weeks now, damn it American Idol lol.

On the side note, first season American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson made headlines by refusing the usage of her songs in American Idol show. At the time of my writing nobody have the details yet, hopefully it’s just a miscommunication. Else Americans will be really disappointed with Clarkson.

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