Caterina Murino, Bond GirlCaterina Murino is the next 007 Bond Girl.

Caterina will be starring alongside debutant James Bond, Daniel Craig in the latest 007 movie series, Royale Casino.. edging out the widely tipped English Thandie Newton.

Little was known about the 28 years old Caterina Murino, she was 4th in the 1996 Miss Italy contest (I wonder who was the top 3 lol) and starred in a few small European movies and TV series.

Caterina Murino was borned in Cagliari Italy but stayed in Paris. She can speak Italian, French and English.

Arcodding to her official website she dance pretty well too.

For more info about the latest Bond Girl, visit Caterina Murino’s official website, it’s in Italiano though.

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