Rumors turned facts, Angelina Jolie is having a baby, the baby’s father is Brad Pitt. Jolie had earlier confirmed her pregnancy while Pitt’s spokeman had just confirmed that Brad Pitt is the father.

Angelina Jolie, the 30 years old Oscar winning actress, recognized by many as one of the sexiest woman in the world (not my pick). Brad Pitt, 42, is equally popular with his marvellous appearance.

Jolie and Pitt met during their filming of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, since then they had been rumored being together, but they denied every media report.

This baby will be the first ‘real’ offspring for this Hollywood couple, Angelina Jolie adopted 2 children, which Brad Pitt is filing papers to become their legal adoptive father.

While people are speculating about how cute their baby will be, bear in mind that Jolie had previously 2 unsuccessful marriage while Pitt was divorced with Jennifer Aniston.

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