Survivor Panama

Survivor Panama is the 12th production of the Survivor series, and is expected to premier on 2nd Febuary.

As normal, 8 males, 8 females contesting for the $1 million grand prize, but this time they are separated to 4 groups instead.. older men, younger men, older women and younger women.

Cast for the Survivor Panama

Aras Baskauskas (24 m), yoga instructor in Santa Monica, a former professional basketball player. [Aras is the final winner of the $1 million bucks]

Austin Carty (24 m), established writer from High Point, brother of the current Miss United States Teen.

Bobby Mason (32 m), attorney from Los Angeles, dogs lover.

Bruce Kanegai (58 m), Karate instructor and high school teacher in Simi Valley, don’t mess with this Mr Miyagi :lol:

Cirie Fields (35 f), registered nurse from Walterboro, mother of 3.

Courtney Marit (31 f), performance artist in Los Angeles, traveller and adventurer.

Dan Barry (52 m) from South Hadley, a former astronaut!

Danielle DiLorenzo (24 f), medical sales representative in Pompano Beach, play soccer and kickboxing :o

Melinda Hyder (32 f), singer in Sevierville, looks like Paris Hilton with 40 pounds weight added.

Misty Giles (24 f), engineer in Texas, Miss Texas Teen USA 1999.

Nick Stanbury (25 m), financial sales from Tempe, join Survivor to meet smart, beautiful women???

Ruth Marie Milliman (48 f), director of retail leasing from Greenville, Miss Teenage Greenville in 1975.

Sally Schumann (27 f), social worker, waitress, bartender and soccer coach in Chicago.

Shane Powers (35 m), entrepreneur in Los Angeles, claimed having the ability to manipulate people and not have them be resentful.

Terry Deitz (46 m), airline pilot in Simsbury, retired navy pilot.

Tina Scheer (45 f), logging sports promoter and performer in Hayward.

The charming Jeff Probst is still the host for Survivor.